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Mitzie has more than 20 years experience in the Financial Services Sector. Mitzie passed the ILPA pensions and health exams and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She recently passed the RE5 exams required by the Financial Services Board to continue giving Advice in respect of all Financial Planning. Ginsburg Financial Services

What we do

  • Consult and implement Employee Benefit arrangements for Employer Groups even as small as 5 employees.
  • Risk Cover Death, disability funeral etc.
  • Medical Aid Assistance with selection of appropriate medical aid Registering and de-registering staff.  Assisting with claims.
  • Complete financial planning for individuals Risk needs, retirement planning, wills, medical aid selection
  • Financial Empowerment seminars to assist understanding financial terminology, budgets etc.
  • Personal and commercial short term insurance

Latest News

Profmed: Contributions and Benefits for 2020

Benefit limits and contributionsThe benefit limits, including dentistry, have once again increased on all benefit options. The overall weighted contribution increase is 9.7%. Please access the Benefits Comparator on the website, which will assist you and your clients to compare benefits and contributions for 2020. The attached Schedule of Benefits, About Profmed and Benefits at a Glance provide comprehensive information on all the benefits, and our Easy Reference guide provides a summary of the benefit changes for 2020. You can also click here to view the benefit highlights. Savvy optionsSince their introduction in January 2019, we have seen remarkable interest in our Savvy options, namely, ProPinnacle Savvy, ProSecure Plus Savvy, ProSecure Savvy, ProActive Plus Savvy and ProActive Savvy. The Savvy options are hospital network options and provide members with significant savings on their contributions without compromising on benefits. Members who choose to voluntarily be admitted to a non-network hospital will be liable for a R10 000 co-payment. It is important to inform your clients that when they visit a GP or specialist, that healthcare provider should consult at a network hospital in case hospitalisation is required, to avoid a co-payment at a non-network hospital. Click herefor more information on the Savvy options. ProSecure, ProSecure Plus and ProPinnacle options (Premium and Savvy) We are particularly pleased to advise that contributions will only be charged for up to three children on these options. Any additional child dependants will be covered at no cost. Please note that the Benefits Comparator does not cap the contributions to three child dependants.To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our members we have added Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder... read more

Liberty Advanced Global Equity T3 Portfolio

This is the right solution to speak about during the current uncertain economic times. This portfolio provides guaranteed minimum returns if the markets go up and ensures protection of initial portfolio allocation, should the markets go down.  This limited offer is available from Monday 7th of October until Friday 29th of November 2019  – don’t miss out.  Please find the brochure below. Download Brochure Should you require any more information , please contact your Ginsburg Financial... read more

Trust lessons for spouses and partners

The real life story shared in this article provides certain lessons for spouses and partners where trusts are involved. Although trusts have been around in the world for almost a thousand years, it remains one of the most misunderstood and sometimes abused vehicles where families’ assets are housed.

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