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Mitzie has more than 20 years experience in the Financial Services Sector. Mitzie passed the ILPA pensions and health exams and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She recently passed the RE5 exams required by the Financial Services Board to continue giving Advice in respect of all Financial Planning. Ginsburg Financial Services

What we do

  • Consult and implement Employee Benefit arrangements for Employer Groups even as small as 5 employees.
  • Risk Cover Death, disability funeral etc.
  • Medical Aid Assistance with selection of appropriate medical aid Registering and de-registering staff.  Assisting with claims.
  • Complete financial planning for individuals Risk needs, retirement planning, wills, medical aid selection
  • Financial Empowerment seminars to assist understanding financial terminology, budgets etc.
  • Personal and commercial short term insurance

Latest News

COVID-19: Stay safe and rewarded with Vitality

Staying healthy and keeping others safe should be your number one priority right now. Vitality’s key principles have never been more relevant: exercise if you’re well, eat healthy food, and take preventive measures, like washing your hands and maintaining social distancing. We’re living in unprecedented times, and Vitality plays a central role in helping you stay healthy, with benefits and rewards tailored to our present reality. Our HealthyFood, HealthyCare, and HealthyGear benefits are more valuable than ever, giving members valuable discounts on all HealthyLiving items. And our Device Booster and Apple Watch benefits come in handy for members who would like to meet their exercise goals from home. We’ve taken the following immediate steps to give Vitality members peace of mind during this time Vitality Active Rewards maximum weekly goal drops to 700 points We have lowered the Vitality Active Rewards weekly goal from 900 to 700 Vitality points. This means if you are missing gym workouts, parkruns or myruns, you can still hit your weekly goal in a number of ways. For example, if you track 10 000 steps a day on your smartphone, you can earn 100 Vitality points – the same as when you go to the gym. Your Vitality gym discount is safe We are adjusting the 36-visits-in-12-months rule so that if you’ve been going to gym regularly until now, your discount won’t be affected if you decide to skip gym over this period. Look out for more details in the upcoming newsletter. Your HealthyLiving discounts will not be impacted We are pausing the 12-month cycle rule for members to do their Vitality Health Check... read more

Funders of trust structures beware of the looming tax changes

It is well known that trusts and estates have been under the magnifying glass of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for a while now. This led to the introduction of an anti-avoidance measure (Section 7C of the Income Tax Act) effective from 1 March 2017, whereby SARS accesses growth in a trust. SARS wanted a way to access growth in assets, which people historically deliberately moved into a trust and thereby “froze” the value of the estate for estate duty purposes.

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