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Last will and testamentsCan anyone be prevented from benefiting from a will? 

A person will be prevented from benefiting from a will if they intentionally cause the death of the testator, conceal the will or defraud beneficiaries of their rightful inheritance by forging a will. Also, witnesses to a will and their spouses may not benefit from a will.

Must I amend my will after divorce? 

If you die within three months of getting divorced and you did not amend your will, your former spouse will be regarded as being predeceased at the date of your death. After three months, it will be assumed that you intended your former spouse to inherit from you. The three-month period starts from the date on the divorce order, so it is advisable to review your will.

How can a will be amended?
You may amend your will at any time as long as you have the capacity to act. Most often, testators will redraft their entire will to replace any previous will. It is dangerous to make changes to your will by writing on an existing will because there is a risk that the handwritten changes may not comply with the legal requirements.

What must I do if a testator cannot sign their name? 

The testator may make a mark on the will, which must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths. The commissioner’s certificate must confirm the testator’s identity and that it is the will of the testator.

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