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Mitzie is accredited with most Life Assurance Companies as well as Medical Schemes in SA to give advice on their products. She has been playing an important role in the industry for approximately 23 years and have received many awards for her time spent actively participating in the field.

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The Allan Gray Offshore Investment Platform

As part of our ongoing effort to make our Offshore Investment Platform more accessible to clients, we are pleased to inform you that investors will have the option of using South African rands for lump sum investments into new and existing offshore accounts, effective 12 October 2018. We have negotiated preferential rates with an authorised dealer, who will convert clients’ rands into foreign currency. Minimum investment amounts are shown in the table below.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

Sanlam’s Severe Illness benefits are comprehensive, marketable and flexible, but without compromising on our philosophy to always provide proper over for all our clients. Sanlam offers very comprehensive cancer cover under our cancer-only benefit: the Cancer or Cancer Plus benefit and the same cover is also offered as part of our Comprehensive Severe Illness or Comprehensive Severe Illness Plus benefit.

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Bonitas 2019 Product Launch Highlights

Changes to BonClassic
The out-of-hospital radiology and pathology benefits have been combined into one benefit and the out-of-hospital physiotherapy and paramedical services have been combined into one benefit as well. We have also removed the benefit for specialised drugs on this plan.

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Join Vitality – Exciting special offer

Vitality special offer: 01 July 2018 to 31 August 2018. The overall period for which the special offer is valid. The special offer is valid from 01 July 2018 to 31 August 2018 and open to members who: Special offer terms and conditions for existing Vitality members 2. Existing Vitality members are only eligible for the discounted gym activation fee special offer.

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Each industry has its own distinctive way of talking. In banking you use terms which people who work in the industry, understand. But people outside of the industry struggle to understand the ins and outs of the banking world.

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Planning to be a parent?

With the spotlight on youth this month, you may be among those thinking about a visit from the stork. If so, here’s your financial to-do list.
Expectant parents and those planning a family may have started visualising their future bundle of joy. But while a new baby will capture your heart, it’ll also capture a fair portion of your family budget! Pregnancy and parenting involve many hidden costs, warns Danelle van Heerde, Head of Advice Processes and Tools at SPF.

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