Bonitas 2019 Product Launch Highlights

Bonitas 2019

Average increase of 8.9%

A weighted increase of 8.9% was announced for 2019. This broken down as follows

  • 5% for BonFit
  • 7.9% for BonSave, Primary, BonEssential
  • 8.9% for Standard and Standard Select
  • 9.9% for BonCap
  • 11.5% for BonComprehensive, BonClassic, BonComplete and Hospital Standard

Unfortunately, we have opted to the Hospital Plus plan for 2019. Your clients on this plan will receive communication channeling them to an option to best suit their healthcare needs in due course. Click here to read more


Two new plans introduced

These plans, Primary Select and BonEssential Select, use a network of providers and are priced around 15% cheaper than Primary and BonEssential, while offering the same level of cover.

Members will have to nominate a GP for Primary Select and use a hospital network for planned procedures on both options. The contributions for these options are from R1 904 for Primary Select and R1 477 for BonEssential Select.


Changes for the year

Improved preventative care benefits
We have enhanced our preventative care benefits to include mammograms for women over 40 once every two years on all our plans. In addition, prostate screening antigen tests will be covered for males between 45 and 69 years on all options.

Childhood immunisations covered from risk
We are pleased to announce that in 2019, children’s vaccines according to the Expanded Programme for Immunisations will be covered on BonClassic, BonComplete, Standard, Standard Select, BonSave, Primary, Primary Select and BonFit. This benefit will be in addition to savings and day-to-day benefits so that our younger members get the care and support they need.

PPN has been appointed as the optical provider in 2019 on all options
Our optical provider for 2019 will be PPN. PPN is the largest optometry network in South Africa with over 2 600 providers located countrywide. We have also appointed Ampath, Lancet, Pathcare and Vermaak as designated service providers for all blood and lab tests in and out of hospital.

Internal prosthesis benefit added to BonEssential
An internal prosthesis benefit of R31 500 per family (excluding joint replacements) will be added to the BonEssential option in 2019. The benefit will also be included on BonEssential Select.

Changes to BonComprehensive
We introduced ICON as a preferred provider for oncology services and ICPS/JointCare/Major Joints for Life as the preferred provider for hip and knee surgery. The specialised radiology benefit was combined to R31 330 per family, in and out of hospital.

Changes to BonClassic
The out-of-hospital radiology and pathology benefits have been combined into one benefit and the out-of-hospital physiotherapy and paramedical services have been combined into one benefit as well. We have also removed the benefit for specialised drugs on this plan.

Day-to-day benefit on Primary increased by 15%
This will increase from R2 010 for a principal member in 2018, to R2 310 in 2019

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