Bryte Engineering Policy Amendments

We recognise the devastating impact that the current Covid-19 pandemic is having on businesses and people in South Africa and beyond. We applaud the government’s swift and decisive action to mitigate transmission risks in South Africa, as we all play our part in flattening the curve. While we know this is a necessary measure for long-term success, we also acknowledge the great near-term cost to both the economy and livelihoods.
 As an organisation, we take pride in the scope and scale of our product offering and have a long track-record of delivering value to our clients and paying all valid claims timeously. Part of achieving this is our fastidious adherence to the policy contract and the insurance contract, its terms and its proper interpretation.
 You will recall that on 23 March 2020, we that provided you with an endorsement that excluded any form of pandemic cover. Now we have confirmation that reinsurers worldwide will be excluding pandemics like COVID-19 as well as Cyber related crime (as part of the property section). To align with reinsurance requirements, we have altered all of our policy wordings to take these exclusions into account.
 We have included a link to the following contract wordings that come into effect from 1 January 2021 and have also attached a document highlighting the changes that have been made:
• Contract Works & Public Liability
• Contractors Plant & Machinery
• Electronic Equipment
• Machinery Breakdown
• Transit & Erection
• Medical Equipment
Click here to access our policy wordings
Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact your local Bryte representative.
 We thank you for your continued support and we appreciate your partnership and collaboration through this process. Here’s wishing you a safe and healthy end to 2020.
 Best regards
 JP Blignaut
Chief Underwriting Officer
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