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Business Solutions

Questions to consider when running your own business.


Suretyship Protection/ Contingent Liability

  • Are you standing surety for loan/debt affected by the business?
  • Are you aware of the impact if the loan/debt cannot be repaid?

Loan Account Protection

  • Do you have a loan account?
  • Is the business able to repay the loan account on your death or disability?

Business Overheads Cover

  • Can the business finance the ongoing day-to-day running expenses should you become disabled?

Keyperson Cover

  • Are there people in the business who are critical to its success?
  • Do you know how difficult it is to recruit top person?

Debtor’s Cover

  • Does your business have any principal debtors?
  • What will the impact be if a principal debtors dies or becomes disabled?

Alternative Financing

  • Are you looking for additional finance now or in the near future?

Corporate Investment

  • Does the business write off assets on an annual basis?
  • Is the business making a profit and what is it doing with such profits?


Business Continuity (Buy-and-sell)

  • What is to happen to your share of business on death or disability?

Income Replacement

  • Does the business have the financial means in which to continue paying the employees if the owner should become temporary or permanent disabled?

Loan Account Redemption

  • Do you have a loan account as a result of having loaned money to the business?
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