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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. Simon, your 10-year old son, falls from the treehouse and suffers a fractured ankle. You rush him to the emergency room at your nearest hospital.
Thank goodness you have a Stratum Benefits Gap Cover policy with Casualty Cover that refunds the amount that you pay from your own pocket, or that your medical aid pays from a day-to-day benefit or your medical savings account.

This means that even if your medical aid doesn’t provide a benefit for casualty events, we do! Now that’s value.

The below benefit limits apply subject to the Overall Policy Limit of R 165 000 per person per year, except on Access Optimiser Plus where the Overall Policy Limit is
R 165 000 per policy per year:
Compact200 Base – R   6 000
EliteCorporate Elite Plus Corporate Elite – R 12 000
Co-Evolution  – R   8 000
Access Optimiser Plus – R   2 000


The qualifying criteria for cover are as follows: the medical event must be due to an accident, which is defined as an event caused by physical impact resulting in physical injury; must require immediate treatment, which is defined as treatment required within 48-hours from the time of the accident; andtreatment must be provided at a registered medical facility, which can be a doctor’s room or emergency roomOur benefit covers insured persons of all ages for accident-related events.


We provide cover for children when they need medical treatment due to an illness.

The qualifying criteria for cover are as follows: the child dependant must be younger than 6;treatment must be provided at a registered casualty facility (emergency room) and not a doctor’s rooms; andtreatment must be provided after-hours, which is defined as Mondays to Fridaysbetween 18:00pm and 07:00am, and all-day SaturdaysSundays and public holidays.


We cover the accounts of all the medical services that form part of a casualty event: 
Upfront casualty co-payments and facility fees;
some medical aids require you to pay an upfront co-payment whilst some emergency rooms will require an upfront facility fee.
Doctors’ and specialists’ consultations;
consultation fee of the healthcare provider on duty.
Basic and specialised radiology;
e.g. x-ray of the fractured ankle.
e.g. any blood tests needed.
Consumable items;
e.g. cast for the fractured ankle and surgical gloves.
Medication received during the casualty event;
e.g. pain medication received during the event, but not take home and/or prescription medication.
External medical items that are required as a result of the casualty event; 
external medical items, such as a moon boot, must be provided at the registered medical facility during the initial casualty event.
Return visits to a registered medical or casualty facility for follow-up treatment; 
return or follow-up visits are covered only when it’s required as a result of the initial accident-related casualty event. 


Simon was treated at a registered casualty facility for a fractured ankle.

If Simon sees a specialist and has x-rays taken 4 weeks after his fall to check the healing of his fractured ankle, we’ll cover the consultation and x-rays under Casualty Cover as the follow-up visit and x-rays are required as a result of the initial accident-related casualty event, subject to the benefit limit provided.

When you’re admitted to hospital for an accident for which you’ve been treated at a registered medical facility, the hospital admission becomes a new medical event and a return visit for follow-up treatment will not be considered under Casualty Cover.


• A fully completed Claim Form.
• Medical or casualty facility account or hospital account indicating the ICD10 code.

The account is required to see if the event was due to an accident or not.
An or T ICD10 code is used for accidental events. E.g. S22.2 fracture of the sternum.

• All the service providers’ accounts associated with the event.
• A Claims Transaction History (CTH) to determine if your medical aid paid an amount towards the casualty event from a hospital or risk benefit, as this amount is not claimable.
• Proof of payment if you’ve paid for the event yourself.

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