Changes to Discovery Card benefits

Changes to Discovery Card benefitsIn preparation for the new benefits Discovery Bank will offer, the Travel Booster and Health Wallet benefits will fall away in their current formats.

Changes to the Travel Booster and Points to Miles benefit

The Travel Booster benefit was discontinued on 28 August 2018 and clients can no longer activate this benefit. All affected clients received an email notification at the beginning of August. Vitality members can still save up to 35% on flights, holiday accommodation and car hire booked through the booking platform.

If your clients activated the Points to Miles benefit, they will still get back up to 50% of their Vitality points in rewards early in 2019. No new activations will be possible however.

Changes to the Health Wallet benefit

The Health Wallet benefit will end on 28 September 2018. Your clients will receive an email notification today, 30 August. We will process the last debit orders for this benefit on 13 September 2018.

All remaining funds in the Health Wallet facility will be transferred into your clients’ Discovery Card account.

Keep an eye out for updates

Exciting times lie ahead and we will keep you updated on all the changes. We look forward to bringing everyone a completely new experience in banking and financial wellbeing.


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