A legal guardian is an adult appointed to look after your child should you and his/her other parent die before the child has reached the age of 18.

To choose the appropriate person is not an easy task. First make a list of the possible candidates and then you and your spouse/partner can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate.

Consider the following:

  • Who’s parenting style, values and religious beliefs are the closest to yours?
  • Who is in the best position to accept the responsibility for caring for a child – emotionally, financially (ample provision should be made by either investment or life cover) physically etc
  • With whom does the child feel comfortable already?
  • Would your child have to move and would that cause problems?
  • Does the person you are considering have other children? If so, would your child fit in or be left on his/her own?


When the shortlist of candidates is completed, talk to the people involved to determine how they would feel to act as a guardian.

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