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The rand is battered and bruised and customers are surely feeling the pinch. Let’s not even speak of the hike after hike in the petrol price and the country being in a technical recession after two quarters worth of negative growth. Although there were very few positives from the medium term budget speech, the good news is that tax remains largely unchanged. Considering all of this; our advice? Stick to your financial plan. We need to proactively speak to our customers and reassure them that ALL their solutions are safe and secure provided they’re left to do what they’re designed to do – and that’s to grow.


Let’s have a look at a play-by-play guide to the risk conversation

  • The GREENLIGHT Double offer is back for one week only! From 19 – 23 November, you can offer your customers even more value for money. With GREENLIGHT Double, they can get 10% off their Severe Illness and Disability cover premiums when they take out both, or 5% off if they take out either one of the two benefits. You can get your discount here:
  • Your customers can now afford to be booked off sick with the new GREENLIGHT Sickness Income benefit. Find out how this benefit can ensure that your professional customers keep earning even when they are booked off with bad flu.
  • Difficult to fathom, but it can be prepared for. Cancer is inherently hard for anyone to be diagnosed with – and it surely does not discriminate which the claim stats can attest to. But, having the financial burden removed will make a huge difference in our customers’ lives so they can spend their time dealing with the emotional trauma of diagnosis and treatment. Having severe illness cover is incredibly important and Tableau can help you see who of your customers are underinsured for this potentially life-changing event. Don’t forget that we’re in the month of MOVEMBER, so it’s the perfect time to have the chat with the male customers in your practice (and there’s a campaign on the go too, so have a look) about having a regular prostate examination.
  • Your customers no longer need to go for an HIV test for Final Expenses benefits under R100 000. Offering cover to your customers has just become hassle-free!

2. Savings & income
The round-up of our savings and income opportunities in one place 

  • Are you aware of the improved annuity rates offered by Old Mutual? If you didn’t know, now you know. Our rates are the industry benchmark and it’s extra value for money when looking after what you’ve built up over the years is so critical.
  • What’s available for customers requiring a competitive interest rate within a Tax-Free structure? If you’re looking for fixed interest, then look no further. Our Maximised Interest Fund (Life) offers 8.48% interest and is miles ahead (it’s around 2% better) of our closest bank competitor. With the ease of doing a TFSA transfer, it really is an offer our customers can’t refuse.
  • Do you have customers with R5000 or more to invest who would like to benefit from a 6% upfront enhancement? That’s right. We are literally giving money away for free and the special offer on XtraMAX (as well as Max Optimal RA!) is extended until the end of March 2019. Fifty-grand or more and we’ll add up to 6% extra so your hard-earned money can work even harder for you. XtraMax doesn’t only offer 6% on top of your investment, it also offers 60% own choice funds which is the highest in the market for an enhanced solution.


Having the best Rewards Programme in the market is one thing. Using it to unlock financial freedom for customers and generate even more customer value is another.

  • Whom of your customers are still losing out? Tier 5 customers get up to 50% back on GREENLIGHT premiums in REWARDS points and YOU need to help them get there by giving advice that matters.
  • Are your customers aware of the most cost effective banking solution available? For just four-and-a-half bucks a month, swipe, save and let your money do the rest with the Old Mutual Money Account. It’s arguably the easiest way to move up a tier.
  • Did you know there’s a really comprehensive report that highlights the number of financial needs met and not met per customer? We’re beating the Tableau drum hard, but it’s such an underutilised resource.
  • Did you know Old Mutual Rewards can keep you financially AND physically fit? We’ve launched our gym benefit and members get a gym rebate at Virgin Active AND Zone Fitness.


We’ve attached some extra detail too, so have a look.

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