About us

Mitzie has more than 20 years experience in the Financial Services Sector. Mitzie passed the ILPA pensions and health exams and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She recently passed the RE5 exams required by the Financial Services Board to continue giving Advice in respect of all Financial Planning. Ginsburg Financial Services

What we do

  • Consult and implement Employee Benefit arrangements for Employer Groups even as small as 5 employees.
  • Risk Cover Death, disability funeral etc.
  • Medical Aid Assistance with selection of appropriate medical aid Registering and de-registering staff.  Assisting with claims.
  • Complete financial planning for individuals Risk needs, retirement planning, wills, medical aid selection
  • Financial Empowerment seminars to assist understanding financial terminology, budgets etc.
  • Personal and commercial short term insurance

Latest News

Discovery Keycare

Discovery has confirmed that they will not change the income brackets and premiums for the KeyCare Plus premiums as published previously, the premiums for 2019 will look as follows for the different income categories:

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The rand is battered and bruised and customers are surely feeling the pinch. Let’s not even speak of the hike after hike in the petrol price and the country being in a technical recession after two quarters worth of negative growth. Although there were very few positives from the medium term budget speech, the good news is that tax remains largely unchanged.

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