Topmed Proposed Amalgamation update

As it has been a couple of months since we told you about the proposed amalgamation between Topmed and Fedhealth, we want to provide you with an update and share with you where we are in the process.

As mentioned in our previous communication, the Members of both schemes needed to vote on the proposed amalgamation. Good news!
The majority of Members who voted, both from Topmed and Fedhealth, voted in favour of the amalgamation. This is a very positive result for all as the amalgamated scheme will be more sustainable into the future and will have greater negotiating power. It will also provide Members with more choice and more competitive rates when choosing their option.

The results of the Member votes from both schemes have been sent to the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), together with the full Exposition document, for their review and final approval. At the same time, we have also lodged a submission to the Competition Commission, as the amalgamation has to be approved both by CMS and the Competition Commission. Once both parties have provided their approval, we will have one final step to follow before the amalgamation becomes official.

At the time of writing to you in January the proposed date for the amalgamation was to be 1 May 2019. However, given the regulatory
process mentioned above, this date will move out by a month or two, and we are currently waiting for feedback from CMS in this regard. Once the date is confirmed, we will send out further communication to you.

A number of members sent through questions to us regarding the Fedhealth benefits. Rest assured that we will be sending you the relevant
information before the amalgamation, so that you will be fully informed about your new benefits and what to expect once the amalgamation
has been approved. In the meantime, should you wish to find out more about Fedhealth, please contact your Broker or visit the Fedhealth website,

Your Board of Trustees continue to believe that this amalgamation is in the best interest of the members and hope to have more good news to share with you soon. We will keep you updated as the process continues.

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