Vitality Open

Anyone can join. Everyone wins.

With 17 million members globally, in 19 different countries, Vitality is the world’s best behavioural change programme – this TV commercial highlights how Vitality is changing the world. Watch it here.

Yesterday we announced the exciting launch of Vitality Active Rewards 2.0. The positive impact on health risks and driving behaviour has given us an amazing opportunity to have a material impact on society – by extending this to all South Africans. If achieved at scale, for every 1 million South Africans that become engaged in getting active and driving well, we can gain over 300 000 life years, and prevent over 100 road fatalities.

For the next 10 weeks, everyone can join the Vitality Open

We are opening Vitality Active Rewards to everyone, with a chance to win prizes for life. For a period of 10 weeks, anyone can download the Discovery app, to immediately get a free sign-up play on our new gameboard for guaranteed reward points and the chance to reveal hidden diamonds and instant rewards.

Keep an eye out for the Vitality Open everywhere you are: on TV, radio, in print, in stores and even on your next flight! Here’s a sneak peek of our TVC debuting on Sunday:


I look forward to getting active and driving well with all of you – tap here to add me to your friends list or enter my code FERENCN4ef in your Discovery app.

For more information, visit the new Vitality Open webpage.

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